The core of Ken’s work is creativity, reliability and simplicity. He believes in clear communication, professionalism and transparent pricing. Ken is always responsive to customer requirements and each step in the process is tailored to meet the clients specific demands;

1. Inquiry

Usually the process starts with an inquiry to
Ken is happy to participate in the creative process of the project planning if desired. He will offer a clear quote based on his package model including on-site photography, post-production and image rights.

2. Agreement

Once the roadmap for the project is agreed, the process enters the next phase. After the customer’s confirmation, Ken will make the necessary travel bookings to the destination where the shooting will take place. He always tries to keep travel costs as low as possible.

3. Photoshoot

During the shoot, which sometimes last for several days, it’s important to have a clear shooting plan. Ken is always flexible about changes to the schedule and due his long experience and professional skills he is very likely to manage possible challenges to the client’s satisfaction.

4. Post-Production & Delivery

The last step in the process is the image editing. A clear communication on potential photographic guidelines is important in order to achieve the desired outcome in the post-production. Delivery of the high-resolution files usually takes place within two weeks.

Ma (間) is a Japanese word
which can be roughly translated
as “gap”, “space”, “pause” or
“the space between two
structural parts.”

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