Ken Pils is a photographer specializing in architectural and interior photography. A native Austrian based in Linköping, Sweden.


In the late 80’s, Ken studied film and photography at the Film Academy in Gothenburg before he started travelling the world with his camera. In 2008 Ken started up his business in Austria and soon he begun to focus on architectural and interior photography.

Photography is considered an art form and a photographer is therefore also an artist. Every photographer is unique in his approach to his mission. Ken always strive to achieve balance and harmony in his work and he is very careful with details during the photo shoot and post production.

‘Simplicity, with an eye for detail’

Today, Ken is working with architecture firms, PR-agencies, magazines, tourist companies, hotels and resorts. One of Ken’s dominant areas is hospitality photography. As being approved photographer for several hotel companies he is used to follow brand policies and photographic guidelines.

Ken is a member of the Swedish Photographers Association and he is available for commissions worldwide.


Clarion Hotel Air


The core of my work is solid architectural photography and my services are always well planned in advance. To capture the atmosphere and impact created by interior designers and architects I prefer to work with available natural light.

Quality Hotel Globe


For many businesses having excellent interior photos is a must. Hotels require flawless images to attract guests nowadays. My speciality is hospitality photography and I am used to follow photographic guidelines from various brands.

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel


Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to portrait people involved in inter-actions and real-life situations. My primary goal is to capture images of people that reveal a story, personality or a certain feeling. 

Clarion Hotel Air


Food photography is a still life photography genre used to create attractive images of food and beverages. To present professional food pictures is crucial in the hospitality industry. My goal is to make the food look fresh and appetizing. 


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Das Triest
Hotel Daniel Vienna
Soori Bali
Far From Standard
M5 Arkitektur
Baros Maldives
Ernia of Sweden
Nordic Choice Hotels
Sri Panwa

Selma Spa+
Minor International
Brand Beverage
The Public Hotel
Bonnier Magazines
Connect Hotels
The Ring
White Arkitekter
Marstrand Havshotell
Living & More

Best Western
Lindstén Fastigheter
Harper’s Bazaar
Bauer Media
Ljungs Slott
Radisson Hotels
Six Senses
Tyrifjord Hotell
Sky Hotel Apartments
LRF Media
Hubert Burda Media
The Pavilions

First Hotels
Kleine Zeitung
Holmen Fjordhotell
Andara Resort & Villas
Visit Linköping
Tun Media
Egmont Publishing
Agentur Diener

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